Sunday, August 28, 2011

strapped in

if i could choose one statement accessory for fall it would be a leather harness...i'm having a slight obsession. nothing too fancy (i'll leave that to lady gaga) but a simple basic black number would be just right. the queen of leather harnesses, zana bayne, makes one that totally fits the bill...


HeyDahye said...

Totally cool and edgy. Love it!

K&M said...

we love it!!! omg
let`s visit and follow us

xx K&M

romwe said...

These stuff really works to make the beauty more mysterious and difficult to glamorous,thaks for a cute colleation here,

Yajaira said...

this is great
I have seen a lot of necklaces that go around the back like this - with this kind of look

j. said...

love this style. very out there

Much Love ♡

Jess †