Thursday, January 15, 2009

until the morning

"Style is usually intangible often inimitable. Picture the most stylish girl you know. You don’t admire her for her blatantly designer items or for her head-to-toe perfection, but rather for something you can’t quite place your finger on. She might have dirty hair but carry a Chanel purse, or rock a couture dress with beat-up Nikes. Every piece she wears is a part of her sensibility, and no item calls so much attention to itself as to take away from the whole picture. That symphony of contrasts is a marker of true style."

I'm pretty sure that Kova & T can be credited with debuting the oxy legging that's been seen on everyone from Julia Restoin Roitfeld to flannel clad hipsters. I absolutely love the styling for the capsule collection look's simple and effortless, just like their style philosophy. Not to mention the corset romper would be perfect for frolicking around Coachella.

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What Is Fashionable? said...

perfect for frolicking around coachella?!?!?! they come in mens styles?