Wednesday, December 24, 2008

doctor zhivago

In his Paris-Moscou collection, which gave a nod to the opulence of Russia, Kaiser Karl sent his girls down the runway clad in gilded head dresses and fur mufflers. But what caught my eye most were the golden tights that surfaced time and time again with mini dresses and knee length skirts alike. Since I spend most of my days prancing around in skirts or mini dresses hosiery is an integral part of my wardrobe, especially in the months when the San Francisco weather gets especially nippy. I've been teetering on the border of a pair of sparkly tights from american apparel for some time now and I must admit that the collection's just pushed me over the edge. Let's face it, if it's okay by's okay by me.

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What Is Fashionable? said...

i love nippy influentials

♥ fashion chalet said...

jumps up and down
GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!