Sunday, August 31, 2008

Anna Karina

So last night I watched another of Godard's genius works "Pierrot le Fou" and fell absolutely in love with Anna Karina. What is it with the French and their ability to constantly look incredibly chic? 

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Avi said...

Perception is an interesting concept. Can it be that only American fashionistas see the French the way they see them, and maybe French fashionistas can't wait to see the new styles India has to offer more than anything.

The chicness is completely controlled by the setting, the environment, the lighting, the aroma, and of course, the energy.

Therefore, pack up your new stylish wardrobe for the coming months, and get on a plane to Paris. Once you're there, hire a photographer to follow you around; the spontaneous, "in the moment", photos are the best. Develop those bad boys, and WHALLAA!, another CHIC in France.